How & Why Air is Compressed

How & Why Air is Compressed

This is a fair question, but first, we should talk about what an air compressor is. These machines are designed to convert one form of energy into another, which can then be stored until it is needed. Air compressors are also one of the inventions that have changed our world more than almost any other.

In its most basic form, compressed air is simply regular air that has been forced into a much smaller space. This confinement causes the molecules to speed up, which creates kinetic energy. This is the energy that is later released to power a variety of different processes. This versatility is why just about every industry relies on compressed air in some form—from manufacturing plants to hospitals.

One of the best parts about a compressed air system in Jacksonville, FL, is just how many different types there are from which to choose. You can find small, quiet compressors designed to power the drill at a dentist, as well as powerful industrial compressors that help keep an entire manufacturing plant operating. That is one of the reasons why an air compressor line is such an essential resource for so many different manufacturers, devices, and businesses.

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