How a Compressed Air System Works

How a Compressed Air System Works

We sell and service a wide range of air compressors at Air Production & Service, Inc. Every day we support our customers by supplying packaged solutions and parts. That got us thinking that we should write a blog about how a compressed air system in Jacksonville, FL, works, so anyone interested will have that knowledge.

This machine does exactly as the name implies. Through mechanical means, the air is forced into a small cavity where it is compressed, and its pressure and kinetic energy are increased. The air is stored for later release at high pressure through the air compressor line. This is known as a reciprocating compressor, and they are frequently used in the commercial world.

The other main type of compressor model is known as a rotary screw compressor that increases the pressure by accelerating the air with an impeller and then slowing it with a diffuser. These are used for applications that call for incredibly large volumes of air.

That’s a very simple explanation, and it doesn’t really touch upon the versatility of compressors. They are used extensively for industry and business alike. You can find compressed air systems operating in factories, rail yards, and dental clinics.

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