QMOD Heatless Modular Desiccant Dryer

QMOD Heatless Dryer

QMOD Heatless Modular Desiccant Dryer


The Quincy QMOD is one of our most advanced desiccant dryer systems. Like the QHD series of products, these compact dryers use a portion of dried compressed air to regenerate the offline tower. Their small footprint has been designed to save floor space without compromising performance or efficiency, making them ideal for use in a crowded lab or tight compressor room.

Use the QMOD dryer to remove moisture, aerosols and mist from a stream of compressed air. A 0.01 PPM polishing pre-filter removes large impurities, while the unit’s specially designed purification cartridges contain a high-performance desiccant and after-filter that completely removes remaining water vapors.

15 available models accept input from NPT pipe sizes between ⅜” and 1½”, at flow rates from eight to 365 SCFM. A sophisticated electronic diagnostic and control center puts cycle information and other useful tools right at your fingertips, keeping operation and maintenance safe and simple.

Install the QMOD air desiccant dryer horizontally or vertically for maximum flexibility. A true modular system, the QMOD can be counted on to deliver instrument-quality compressed air in practically any situation.




  • -40°F to -100°F dew point
  • 8 – 365 cfm
  • 18% purge
  • CRN Approved
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