QRHT Compact High Temperature Dryer


QRHT Compact High Temperature Dryer


The revolutionary QRHT air dryer for air compressor applications features five components, each of which performs a separate but vital function. Although they operate separately, the components’ functions blend together precisely to provide clean, dry compressed air. Designed for reciprocating compressors with high discharge temperatures, these dryers eliminate water, oil and dirt from air systems, preventing damage to pneumatic tools and cylinders. The result is fewer product defects and no “fisheye” paint splotches in applicable operations.

The Quincy QRHT line includes five models that provide a maximum psig of 232. Depending on the model, the cfm@100 psig ranges from 25-125. In addition to effectively eliminating moisture, oil and dirt from the air, a Quincy QRHT refrigerated compressed air dryer provides many hours of trouble-free operation and reduced operational downtime. It may also increase productivity and profitability throughout your operation.



  • 39°F dewpoint
  • 25 – 125 cfm
  • 175 psig max
  • Space-saving 3-in-1 design
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